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Relax Renew offers Seminars, Classes, and Personal Training to enhance your total Well Being. Drawing on the resources of ancient cultures, holistic practices, and modern science, our programs give you new skills, options, and possibilities for feeling better and better. 

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"The greatest way to be untrue to yourself is to believe you can't be anything other than what you have been."

          Snippets of Wisdom, Vol. 2,The Storyteller, compiled by Diane Davis and Prissy Hamilton.

            The most astounding fact about the Universe:   

                                                             November Schedule

Beginners Tai chi
Intermediate Tai chi  7:30-8:30pm        

$10 per class
New location,-Starting November 10th
New Pathway, 321 Change Bridge Rd.,Pine Brook, NJ

Qigong- 11am, Little Falls Recreation Center, 160 Paterson Ave.

 Qigong and Meditation- 7:15-8:15pm 
at Little Falls Recreation Center, 160 Paterson Ave.
$3 for those 60 0r older, $6 for others.


Beginners Tai Chi Chuan- 10am
at 160 Paterson Ave., Little Falls
no pre-registration required, $6 for those under 60, 60 or more, $3.

Intermediate Tai chi chuan- 11am 
at 160 Paterson Ave., Little Falls

Why trees are important!                                   

article on Tai chi and Meditation helping insomnia:

useful acupressure points-free video tutorials:
Study shows Tai chi chuan increases brain size:

Tai chi is good for fibromyalgia too
22 science backed ways to reduce stress:

more stress and tension relieving techniques:

Health tips from around the world:

Book recommendations: 
The Open Focus Brain by Les Fehmi, PhD

                                            Heal Yourself with Qigong by Suzanne Friedman, LaC DMQ

                                            Decoding the Dao
by Tom Bisio (Nine lessons in Daoist Meditation)
                                           The Yang Taiji 24-Step Short Form by James Drewe (very detailed)
                                           Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister (a gentle form of acupressure) 

Are you looking for Inspiration? go here: -18 minute talks by leading thinkers, innovators and scientists-fascinating! common sense solutions, great innovations!

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Consultant   505-429-9070

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